Return and Refund Policy

We appreciate your investment in Zircon-Laurel Investment Limited. Subscribing to any of our products indicates that you have utmost belief and trust in our services. Our goal is to utilize our clients’ investment efficiently and effectively in order to actualize the mutual benefits for both parties.

However, in the case of you terminating the contract/ withdrawing your capital investment before the Return On Investment (ROI) mature, you are required to give 10 (Ten) working days’ notice to our company and another 5 working days to enable our company to make the refund to you. If on the other hand, the Return On Investment (ROI) has mature at the point of making the withdrawal or termination, you are required to give notice of 10 (Ten) working days.

If you do not comply with the provision stipulated above, you will not be eligible and you won’t receive a refund. We implore our clients to adhere strictly to the provision stated.

Penalty The penalty fee is 10% of your Capital Investment.

Contacting Us Contact our customer service support by calling these numbers: 07015558349, 09050647814, and 08111775885 or by clicking on “withdraw” on the dashboard of our company’s website-

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