Job Opening

Zircon-Laurel Investment Limited Title: Sales and Marketing Personnel Reporting Line: Administrative and I.T Officer Job Role: Plan and conduct marketing and sales, to grow volumes of the Company’s products and services to the public.

Key responsibilities:

  1. 1. Build and manage a database of clients and prospects.
  2. 2.Reach out to 100 prospective clients daily and forward contacts to the I.T and Administrative Officers for follow-up.
  3. 3. Respond and follow up sales enquiries by email, telephone and social media.
  4. 4. Provide daily feedback on activities and achievements in marketing and sales.
  5. 5. Attend staff meetings for performance review and knowledge sharing to aid business and organizational development.
  6. 6. Attend trainings to develop relevant knowledge and skills to aid marketing activities.

The employment would be on a contract basis to be reviewed after six months.

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